Hill Top Research Sets the Standard

Founded in 1947, Hill Top Research is one of the world’s leading clinical research services companies with centers in the United States and Canada. Hill Top Research provides clinical trial services in Dermatology Rx and efficacy/safety studies for the personal healthcare industry.

In July 1947, Hill Top Research opened the doors to its inaugural facility in Cincinnati, Ohio. Its founder, Bob Quisno, formerly of the Wm. S. Merrell Company, performed Hill Top’s first test,which involved analyses for a food company.

Since then, Hill Top Research went on to develop standards for antiperspirant testing, skin irritation scoring, microbiology testing, dry skin studies, and odor evaluation.

In January 2011, Hill Top Research was acquired by one of India’s leading clinical research organizations, Cliantha Research Limited, extending Hill Top Research’s clinical site capabilities to India, the United States, and Canada. By working with this partner, additional testing offerings can now be made available to our clients with a reduction in cost.

The Berger Bowman Scoring Scale

The Berger Bowman Scoring Scale is a skin irritation scoring scale that was first published in the paper “A Reappraisal of the 21-Day Cumulative Irritation Test in Man” in 1982 in the Journal of Cutaneous and Ocular Toxicology. The scientists were re-examining the standard 21-day cumulative irritation test to determine if shortening the timeline to 14 days would lessen costs and delays and simplify operations. Today, this system is the recommended scoring scale for scoring irritation for all generic transdermal irritation/sensitization/adhesion studies.


Hill Top Research is also dedicated to the highest quality in training for its staff. To that end, Hill Top is working with its partner, Cliantha Research Limited, to develop a unique E-Learning system, characterized by a module-style training tool for SOPs that is augmented by animation and videos. The system aims to provide intensive and continuous training for its employees.

Our Strengths

Hill Top Research has come a long way in 65 years! Some of the trials and studies the company conducts include:
  • Patch testing (primary and cumulative irritation, sensitization)
  • Phototoxicity and photoallergy
  • Comedogenicity
  • Antiperspirant and deodorant
  • Vasoconstriction
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin lightening
  • Pediatric (diaper rash, disposable diapers/wipes, safety, infant eczema, product taste test)
  • Acne (cosmetic cleansing, anti-acne studies, OTC and Rx acne product studies and trials)
  • Sunscreen safety and use
  • Mildness/moisturization (FCAT/LCAT studies, long- and short-term dry skin/moisturization)
  • Feminine hygiene (tampon and incontinence)
  • Cold sore (naturally occurring and UVR-induced)
  • Head lice
  • Ocular safety (sting and instillation, home-use for cosmetics)
  • Wound care/wound healing (dermabrasion model, incisional wounds, tape-stripping, and SLS challenge)
  • Dry mouth

Industries Served

  • Consumer products
  • Medical devices
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Generic pharmaceutical